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About Me

My Journey

I grew up in a house that used natural therapies as a first point of call, so when I found Therapeutic Grade essential oils … it was super easy to integrate into my Health Toolkit.

I have a huge passion for an all encompassing healthy lifestyle that includes what we use, eat, wear, think and believe.

Although I don’t Health Coach right now, I also have a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell University with Dr T Colin Campbell and a Health Coaching Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Using Essential Oils as part of my plant based vegan lifestyle has allowed me to support both my health and emotional wellbeing on a daily basis and lower my footprint through a greener lifestyle.  

On top of all of this plant based magic I am also able to do this for a living and truly live the dōTERRA life!  

What could be better than that!