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Hello there!  So this was mainly meant to be about the On Guard Range for travel but quickly turned into a whole suitcase of what I now bring with me when I travel …. so here are my travel tips and additional must haves …. but let me start with the lead up to your trip because preparation is key!
Immune Boosting Tip #1:   The week leading up to your trip, make sure you take an On Guard Softgel each day to help support and boost your immune system. Together with LLV daily, this will stop what sometimes happens when you finally go on holidays … you get sick!  Let’s stop that happening right now.
Travel Pack Tip #2: Pack your On Guard Sanitizing Spray!!! This is must have as for public toilets, the plane and travelling in general …. it is a natural way to help keep your hands clean without chemicals like the nasty triclosan found in many common hand sanitizers..
Travel Pack Tip #3:  Pack your On Guard Beadlets for an easy way to get a quick dose of the On Guard Blend.  Each beadlet has the equivalent of 1/4 drop of On Guard. It’s a super easy way to get an immune boost when you’re on the go! (Pack the Peppermint ones too, as they are great for travel sickness or just fresh breath!)
Now if you’re like me you will find it hard to narrow down which oils to leave at home and which to take!
The Top Ten is always a good idea (especially if you take your diffuser with you) or simply the roller version which is probably the easiest way.
Benefits of a diffuser is that if you get to your room and it smells musty or you can’t sleep …. it can be so handy to have for not much extra effort in packing.
The Touch Range aka the Roller Bottle version of the Top Ten oils are super handy to have as they are pre-diluted to the right ratios and you can throw them in your handbag and forget about them.  

Of course my whole toiletries bag got a whole doTERRA makeover!!!  Check out what I bring with me and this is by no means everything.  I am simply swapping out old versions of things for the doTERRA version and lowering my toxic load and getting the benefits of Therapeutic Grade oils at each use instead of fake fragrances.

Correct X:  essential oil balm for chapped lips, lip balm, bruises, cuts/scratches and anything skin related where healing/soothing is needed.

Rose Body Lotion:  so indulgent and lovely!  Sometimes just what you need when you’ve been walking all day or sitting on the plane feeling a bit dehydrated.  A little pampering with Rose.

Deep Blue or Ice Blue Rub:  sore muscles / aching joints …. this is a must have!

Peppermint Beadlets:  fresh breath, digestive help, something to perk you up!

Copaiba:  great for anxious travellers!  Pop a drop on your thumb and press to the roof of your mouth to help with travel anxiety.

Essential Oil storage pouch:  there are so many available now on Etsy, eBay, Oil Life, AromaTools. etc.  Do a google and find one that you love and will fit at least the top ten oils either as bottles or rollers or both!  If you like to travel with your diffuser, you can sometimes find travel bags that fit both the oils and a diffuser.

Terrashield:  natural bug spray!  Say goodbye to deet sprays and other chemicals.  You can also mix up your own spray too.  DIY is so easy with oils.

Shampoo/Conditioner:  get to the end of your day and smell gorgeous with Wild Orange.  I also pack the Hair Serum as I LOVE that!

LLV:  don’t forget to pack your LLV, I never travel without it now …  LLV stands for Lifelong Vitality and it’s a trio of supplements to keep my energy and mood up, not to mention covers me when my eating might not be so good when on holidays.

So there you have it!  My take on what I now pack when I travel and my bags always smell of gorgeous oils and so do I because I use them for everything from ‘pure-fume’ to jet lag or headaches  … they have me covered!

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